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Selected Publications and Citations

How to Build Green at No Added Cost
Environmental Building News March, 2014
Tristan Roberts

New Wave of Smart Buildings Give Occupants More Control
Cisco’s “The Network”, 2014
Mary Ann Azevedo

Data Centers Find Cool Ways to be Efficient
Silicon Valley Business Journal, 2012
Diana Samuels

Out-of-Control Controls
GreenSource, 2011
Peter Rumsey

Plug Loads- The Final Frontier
International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories, 2011
Eric Soladay

Featured Interview: Peter Rumsey, Integral Group’s Vision
Rocky Mountain Institute, 2011
Molly Miller

Green from the Ground Up
High Performing Buildings Magazine, 2011
Peter Rumsey

Chill Out: A look at passive and active chilled-beam systems
Eco-Structure, 2011
Judith Stock

European Technology Taking Hold in the U.S.: Chilled Beams
HPAC, 2010
Peter Rumsey

Plug Load Reduction: The Next Big Hurdle for Net Zero Energy Building Design (pdf download)
ACEEE, 2010
David Kaneda, Brad Jacobson, Peter Rumsey

Less than Zero
High Performance Buildings, 2010
David Kaneda

An Interview with  Peter Rumsey (pdf download)
Betterbricks, 2008

Chilled Beams in Labs: Eliminating Reheat & Saving on a Budget (pdf download)
ASHRAE Journal, 2007
Peter Rumsey

Ten Guidelines for Energy Efficient Data Center Design, 2007
Peter Rumsey

Using Airside Economizers to Chill Data Center Cooling Bills
GreenBiz, 2007
Peter Rumsey